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Tapping Therapy

Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT works rapidly and gently to release the effects of traumatic experiences and stress

Cognitive Somatic Shifts

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT Tapping Therapy is an evidence based collection of techniques, part of a larger family of mind-body therapies called Energy Psychology or Cognitive Somatic Practices.

Designed to rapidly reduce stress and the intensity of unexpressed trauma, EFT helps to regulate intense emotional experiences and safely process distressing memories.

EFT will most often allow our body-mind to access new information. Also called a "cognitive somatic shift" this information often includes new thoughts, ideas, sensations or perceptions feeling empowered or enlightened of ourselves, others and the world.
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Working With EFT

General Stress & Anxiety

Post Traumatic Stress

Distressing Memories


Relaxation & Wellness

Panic & Phobias

Emotional Dysregulation


Painful Body Sensations


Therapeutic Self-Help

Improved Performance


What to Expect

Learn about the science and experience of Emotional Freedom Techniques, and notice your natural abilities to experience fast relief from distressing thoughts, images, feelings or sensations in the body.

EFT can be offered to you alongside counselling services or psychotherapy.

​Benefits can include fast relief from distressing thoughts, memories or sensations.

EFT operates on the basic premise that there must be unresolved emotional issues from the past either causing or contributing to any issues or problems we have today. An unresolved emotional issue or "energy disruption" could also be recognized as a "trigger" or every day anxious panic sensations.

EFT can also be described as psychological acupressure. We use a simple process of tapping with the fingertips on specific points on the body that relate to our meridian system. Meridians are a system of pathways through which energy and information moves and nourishes the body. Think of acupuncture without needles! The purpose of tapping is to focus SAFELY on the issues that disrupts our life flow and well-being.
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