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Cosmic Sky


Nightmare & Dream Analysis

Uncover the true meaning of your dreams through symbols and storytelling.
Image by Mark Pan4ratte

True Meaning

Strange, unsettling, otherworldly, terrifying, or lusting. Dreams are designed to capture our attention. And they do! We may be shocked or baffled trying to understand their meaning. Perhaps you've picked up a dream book in the past?

Although some dream themes may be common to people, we also know that each of us have an individual dream dictionary. Based from our experiences, and explained through symbols and storytelling, dreamwork allows us to learn from our unconscious experiences and apply these teachings to our everyday lives.

The purpose of dreamwork is to go beyond the curious and outrageous sequences of dreams and learn to work with our dreams!

We welcome all dreams, nightmares, recurring, false awakening, prophetic, vivid, lucid, and healing. A cautionary note that dream work is not suitable for people re-experiencing traumatic events, as-they-happened, during dream time. This experience would be treated with a trauma informed intervention.
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