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Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

Safe & Sound Protocol

The Science of Feeling Safe

Access your nervous system's natural ability
to feel safe and calm, from the inside out.

Back to Safety

There is a distinction between what we hear and how to we hear it.

Stephen Porges, the founder of Polyvagual Theory and the science supporting SSP, helps us to understand that "trauma compromises our ability to engage with others by replacing patterns of connection with patterns of protection."

The purpose of SSP is to initiate and access a physiological state conducive to well-being, positive engagement with others, and growth (iLs, 2022). In other words, its purpose is to help us move safely and freely towards patterns of connection.

Patterns of connection help us recognize and access our innate intelligent emotional guidance system from a place of safety, curiosity and learning. With this ability, we can often perceive a wider range of choices and possibilities when interacting with ourselves, others and the world. Find ease in social situations.
Dancing with Music

Working With SSP

Trauma & Anxiety

Auditory Hypersensitivity

Chronic Pain & Fatigue

​Inattention & Trouble Focusing
Behavioural Dysregulation

Emotional Dysregulation

Social Communication Difficulties

Therapy Preparation

What to Expect

Listen to specialized, curated music engineered to shift the nervous system from states of life threat and danger back to safety.
SSP can be offered to you alongside counselling services or psychotherapy.​
This structured intervention includes assessments, psycho-education, monitoring and support.
Benefits can include feeling more connected, open, insightful, focused and clear in various situations.
Remote delivery is enabled by the Unyte App, and we prefer listening with over the ear headphones.
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